The WrenchHead Jewelry line is comprised of high quality and extremely detailed Custom jewelry items. these items represent influences and/or hobbies that have been a great addition to my life. At present, my inventory includes such offbeat items as gold carburetors, gold turbochargers and gold tools . I am also adding Sterling Silver Jewelry in stages. Recent unusual additions are a beautiful pre Columbian Gold artifact replica.
Although not limited to the following jewelry groups, this site offers you the opportunity to purchase some of the finest Automotive, Sport and Trade Inspired Jewelry available. I also manufacture corporate awards and Custom pieces for those that would like an idea or wish made into reality.
    I am a perfectionist by nature with over 40 years of carriage trade  Goldsmithing expertise. i enjoy creating unusual Jewelry with exceptional quality, detail and effort.
 every item I sell on this site is made by me alone. I control the quality by my own hand. The WrenchHead line is custom made and definitely not mass produced. I am also proud to say that my work is not available in mainstream jewelry stores anywhere and only available from me directly.

 Please note that all posted prices are subject to change and may be adjusted periodically. Current Gold and Silver prices are unpredictable.